BC KT CoP Leadership Committee (CLC)

The CoP is governed by a volunteer-run CoP Leadership Committee (CLC). The CLC is responsible for oversight of the CoP and moving its activities forward through an aggressive Strategic Plan. The CLC is responsible for reviewing the Strategic Plan annually and updating as needed.

The full Community Charter is available as a .pdf for download here.

 CLC Role & Responsibilities

Chair | Kelli Sullivan, Knowledge Translation & Exchange Manager, CRC – Health, Ethics and Diversity Lab, School of Nursing, University of British Columbia

  • Responsible for CoP Leadership
  • Lead and facilitate discussion of CLC meetings
  • Follow up on deliverables/action items from meetings
  • Ensure CLC members contribute equally and are engaged in performing their roles
  • Lead CoP meetings: welcome members, introduce presenter, facilitate Q&A, thank presenter
  • Responsible for CLC Meetings
    • Collect agenda items
    • Create and circulate agenda prior to meetings
    • Distribute notes after meetings to all CLC members
  • Serve as intermediary between other CoPs on the BC KT CoP’s behalf

Communications Lead |
Christine Ackerley,
MA Candidate in Communication & Knowledge Translation, Simon Fraser University 

  • Responsible for administering and revising the Communications Plan, i.e.
    • Moderating website content
    • Providing website support and management, when needed
    • Distributing event notices and other information to members who have subscribed
    • Managing the chapter’s social media accounts (Twitter, YouTube)
    • Downloading presentation recordings and uploading to chapter’s YouTube channels
    • Posting chapter (chapter administration) news to website, when available/appropriate

Evaluation Co-Leaders |
Stephanie Glegg
, Occupational Therapist, Knowledge Broker/Facilitator, CDR Evidence Centre, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children
Anastasia Mallidou, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, University of Victoria

  • Responsible for administering and revising the Evaluation Plan, i.e.
    • Develop member satisfaction survey instrument
    • Administer surveys
    • Collect metrics; follow up with others for data collection
    • Generate reports
  • Report out via website

Membership Co-Leaders |
C Chan
Manil Chowdhury
, Knowledge Broker, Pediatric Anesthesia Research Team, Child & Family Research Institute

  • Responsible for membership management, i.e.
    • Approve members on website, monitoring incoming alerts in a timely way
    • Respond to questions from members about joining, updating their profile, notifications, etc.
    • Delete member profile when a member requests to be removed
    • Follow up with members to ensure profiles are complete (i.e. the second step of profile completion)


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